5x15 is just that - 5 speakers, 15 minutes each.

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Past events:


5x15 Amsterdam #1: The Future

When: 28 March 2019 at 8pm (doors open from 7:30pm)

Where: De School, Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1 (club entrance), 1056 AB Amsterdam

Expect an evening of stimulating stories and ideas around our inaugural theme: The Future. Featuring talks from Ronald van der Kemp (The world’s first sustainable couture designer), Zing Tsjeng (Broadly UK editor and author), Kim Van Sparrentak (European Parliament candidate and climate activist), Alex Beard (author ‘Natural Born Learners’) and Michael Salu (writer, artist and critic). The evening will be introduced by journalist Mark Smith (Fantastic Man, The Guardian, The Times) and the American Book Centre will be selling books from our speakers during the event.


Zing Tsjeng

Zing Tsjeng is a journalist and author from London. She is the UK editor of Broadly, VICE's website for women. In 2018, Octopus published her four-book series Forgotten Women. Each book in the series explores the untold stories of inspiring women who have been marginalised from history. She is also a presenter for VICE and has appeared on BBC Woman's Hour, the Victoria Derbyshire Show, and others.


Ronald van der Kemp

It was during a shopping trip in New York that it hit me. After seeing a sea of luxury designer clothes across the big department stores it struck me that they all didn’t matter. All made to perfection by high tech factories in luxurious fabrics. Their shapes created on super modern pattern cutting computers. The same edit of identical garments shipped to countless high-end stores around the world... read more


Alex Beard

Alex Beard has worked in education for a decade. After starting out as an English teacher in a London comprehensive, he completed his MA at the Institute of Education before joining Teach For All, a growing global network of organisations working to ensure that all children fulfil their potential. He is fortunate to spend his time travelling the world in search of the practices that will shape the future of learning and has written about his experiences for the Guardian, Financial Times, Evening Standard, Independent and Wired. His book Natural Born Learners is a user's guide to transforming learning in the twenty-first century, taking readers on a dazzling global tour into the future of education, from Silicon Valley to Seoul, Helsinki to Hounslow.


Kim van Sparrentak

Kim is a climate and environmental activist. As a first-generation university student she studied political science and environmental management. For the last ten years she has been a political activist. Organising youth to speak truth to power has been a core part of her work. She currently works as an anti-nuclear campaigner at WISE. Kim is running as a Green candidate for the European Parliament elections in May.


Michael Salu

Michael Salu is a writer, artist and critic, whose work and ideas are executed through a multidisciplinary practice. His writing, art and talks have centred on where the evolving semantics of technology, language and identity meet. His written work has appeared in a number of literary journals, anthologies and art publications including Freeman’s Journal and Catapult. He has exhibited and screened art projects internationally and is the owner and creative director of S.A.L.U, a multidisciplinary creative consultancy collaborating with clients around the globe.